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Two Questions Answered Whilst You Check Your Gift Card Balance Online

Cookies are quite nice. It’s very sweet and tasty most of the time. But online cookies are an entirely different matter altogether. And for most of the way, it has tended to irritate many online consumers, all for the wrong reasons. This, however, is not the fault of the consumers’ gift card balance enablers, and in this context, it is deliberately being installed, all for the consumers’ benefit. Those of you who have not been entirely okay with having cookies on your screen and who also have concerns about some of your stored information being passed on to third parties can read the rest of this note.

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It provides you with a brief informational guide by answering the two most pertinent and most asked questions. Those questions are now known. Are cookies being used? And why are they being used? Is consumer information being passed on to third parties? And if so, why is this being done? First and foremost, when you register for a gift card account, your email address is always required. This is to your benefit because you and your service provider can use this address to have questions and answers attended to in a discretionary manner.

It will also be used to forward you new product information developments and updates to your gift card balance, should you choose to be informed thereof. Many of you, due to a busy daily or weekly schedule, may not be visiting your membership website on a regular basis, so being apprised of your balance, much like you would need to be when checking your bank balance, is necessary.

For those that need to know at this time, cookies are files, they’re quite small and not always noticeable online, that consumers’ service providers place on their hard drives or search engine browsers. The consumer still has a say in the matter, so if he chooses not to allow cookies on his dashboard, he can inform his service provider thereof. But it is to the consumers’ benefit to allow these cookies. Data is filed in order to utilize collected information which, in turn, can be utilized to provider online customers with better service provisions.

Third party service providers may, or may not, be contracted in in order to better understand the markets that are being serviced. But it is only your gift card service provider who will be using your pertinent information to service or contact you directly. Third parties won’t be able to do this. Trusted third parties are given some access to your information only once they have agreed to terms and conditions operable on your direct service provider’s website. At your discretion and within the constraints of online security regulation requirements, information can be released to the third parties.     

But, not unless you personally request this, no third party will be able to or be allowed to foist marketing and/or promotional material to you in the typical in your face manner.

11. December 2017 by Ernest
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